• PRIMA Offers 2017 Annual Conference Scholarships

    For many years, PRIMA has provided its members with an opportunity to further their risk management education by establishing several scholarships to a limited number of public risk managers attending the PRIMA Annual Conference.

    The deadline to apply is Monday, April 3, 2017!

    Scholarship Benefits:
    Each scholarship recipient receives: $1,500 financial assistance to be applied to a complimentary registration along with three nights of lodging and a $250 stipend.

    Categories include:

         ~ Small Entity
         ~ PRIMA Government Member
            Sponsored by: Trident Public Risk Solutions
         ~ Non-Risk Manager
         ~ Tribal

    Scholarship recipients can attend dozens of conference workshops, meet and learn from vendors and suppliers and network with public sector risk management professionals from across the country. 

    Review the requirements and apply TODAY!

    Any questions?
    Contact Melvin Bodmer, Jr., at (703) 253-1266 or via email at for more information.

  • The Debate Continues: Medical Marijuana in Workers’ Compensation

    Tune in as Kevin Glennon discusses medical marijuana as it relates to workers' compensation and how its legislation varies from state to state.

  • Terrorism: A Very Broad Exposure

    In this week’s PRIMA Blog, Jessica Govic and Joey Sylvester discuss why public entities should give serious consideration to the likelihood of, and preparation for possible acts of terrorism and other major disasters of that nature.

  • Things I’ve Learned About Risk Management and Safety

    In this week’s PRIMA Blog, Jennifer Mannix, the risk manager for the City and Borough of Juneau, AK, shares some of the things that she has learned about risk management and safety in her career.

  • Practicing Integrity

    This week's PRIMA Blog post, Stuart Brody explores how to develop integrity.

    "Most people believe that integrity is something you have or you don’t; it can’t be learned. If that were the case, the outlook would be pretty dismal for the state of our institutions and our nation because there would be no way to teach people how to make decisions with integrity..."

  • Distracted Driving and Obstructions to Safe Law Enforcement Driving

    In this week’s PRIMA Blog, Julie Frisbey Decker discusses the dangers of distracted driving and the challenges that law enforcement officers face when trying navigate through traffic during an emergency.

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  • Check out this week’s PRIMA Blog post, Privatizing Government Services by Joe Caufield

    "There is an emerging trend to consider joint public/private operation of services traditionally viewed as exclusive governmental functions. Former public sector employees are actually transferred to private sector employment status but continue to perform the same governmental duties…”

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  • Preventing Sexual Abuse In Organizations

    In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Angelique Dale discusses various strategies that may be employed to prevent sexual abuse within your organization on the latest episode of PRIMA Podcasts.

  • Emerging Risks: Tell Me What I Don’t Know

    They are risks that are difficult to drive a consensus about among subject matter experts. Because they may be completely unknown, they are typically not on anyone’s radar. Their qualitative characteristics are fuzzy at best. The ability to quantify them is usually non-existent.

    Check out this week’s PRIMA blog post by Chris Mandel!
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  • Areas of Reform and Jail Operations: Times are Changing

    This week's blog explores evolving topics in jail risk management and suggests a couple of strategies to help your jurisdiction, jail administrator and elected officials prepare to mitigate these challenges, risks and subsequent exposures.

    Check out this week’s PRIMA Blog post by Ric Bishop.

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  • Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Prevention

    This week's PRIMA Podcast and PRIMA Blog feature active shooter and domestic terrorism prevention expert, Chris Grollnek.

    Chris shares vital information that can be used in the unlikely event of a workplace violence or an active shooter situation and some valuable resources that can help to mitigate the risks.

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  • Disaster Management:Planning for Disasters

    "The difficulty in establishing a plan is knowing where to start."

    Read this week’s PRIMA Blog post by Dan Hurley.
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