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  • Occupational Physicals and Employee Wellness - 12/16/2020

    This presentation emphasizes investing in employee wellness and will inform attendees why occupational physicals have a lasting impact on organizational outcomes. By offering a robust employee wellness and occupational physical program, you can detect health conditions early that save lives and reduce the overall cost of treating medical conditions that would have otherwise gone undetected until the disease has further progressed. If your employees feel like they are being invested in, they will see their workplace as a positive and engaging place to work, which affects overall health, productivity, employee retention and reduction of healthcare costs.

    Attendee Takeaways:

    1. Occupational health is more than just a checkmark to perform a job
    2. Relationships and building trust influences the dynamics of organizational well-being
    3. Investing in the upfront cost of physicals reduces long term serious health condition costs in future

  • Join us at PRIMA Virtual Institute 2020!

    PRIMA Institute 2020, is a - now virtual - educational symposium comprised of essential risk management curriculum, expert faculty, and virtual networking opportunities aimed at new and seasoned risk management professionals.

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    • Online Learning

    In an effort to protect the safety and wellness of PRIMA's members and the risk community at large, we will not be holding PRIMA Institute 2020 in-person. Attendees will learn from one another during informative e-learning sessions as well as networking events held online.

    • New Schedule

    Instead of full days of virtual learning, we've adapted the Institute's schedule to more flexible half-days across five days spread over two weeks. You'll be able to learn new professional skills while keeping up with work!

    • Updated Curriculum

    Expert faculty teach three interactive online classes a day covering subjects in risk management leadership, methodology, and emerging trends.

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    • E-Networking

    Each day of PI20 finishes with a fun networking activity or planning session. Take advantage of the virtual nature of this year's Institute to meet risk management professionals from across the US in a safe and fun way.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion Series!

    COMING IN AUGUST! Diversity & Inclusion series presents five recorded videos, complete with downloadable PPT, presented by subject expert Mauricio Velasquez, the president and CEO of Diversity Training Group.